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Michael Carvalho
about 2 months ago

Having Second Thoughts of Returning to Work?

Good Morning Community,

As we enjoy this Saturday Morning, it’s time to think of returning to work. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the labor force took a major hit. As you know businesses and companies closed down with the intent of reopening. Here we are in April 2021, and we are still witnessing the slow approach to reopening. One of the major issues these employers are facing is hiring new employees. Now is the perfect time to Start Applying Today. I am hearing from all trades, businesses, and small companies repeating the same thing. We Can’t Find the Help! I attended my Leadership Meeting Thursday afternoon and couldn’t believe the stories of challenges businesses are facing when trying to hire new staff. My Question to You is What is Holding You Back from applying today? Why not start this weekend with building a plan to return to work? You ask How? It is simple, start by updating your resume right here on Jobcase. Do you have questions? With a community like this how can you fail? This community offers the tools to finding a job. You have people from all over willing to guild you to landing a job. Take the time to read some of the job opening this community offers. Not sure how to address the pandemic issues? You can find the answers right here on Jobcase. Nothing can stop you Now! Why use Jobcase? It offers you all the tools and more to finding a job. If you were to have your resume done professionally, it would cost at lease $200.00, why pay? Jobcase has a dedicated team willing to assist you with finding employment today. What Else? This community has people who post experiences, job opening, and advice you will never find on other sites without having to pay for it. Why Not Give it a Try Today? #motivation #inspiration

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Lawrence White

Excellent Point and Suggestions @Michael Carvalho ! Local and national companies, specifically in the Hospitality, FoodService, Retail, and Warehouse/Logistics industries, are offering exciting bonuses, extended time off, and other new hire incentives in order to attract new applicants and/or employees.

Most employers claim the lack of qualified applicants is due to the stimulus and unemployment boosts the federal government has been issuing over the past year. This seems to be an ongoing and critical concern from the hiring community but this allegation has yet to be verified from unemployed workers.

This is a great time to explore new jobs and get your foot in the door of career job opportunities. We continue to share and promote new job leads and hiring opportunities but, I'm sad to say that the member response has been a little low so far this year.