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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
2 months ago

Get access to new and better paying job opportunities today!!

You're probable already doing this subconsciously. Connecting with people you know, worked with, and in your social media network is the best way to secure good job opportunities.

How may people in your network know you are looking for a job right now? Have you taken the time this week to connect for job lead or shared your resume?

I've been at Jobcase Community Specialist for a little over 2 years now. I landed this job via a new acquaintance I met through a friend of a friend and within 2 weeks found a career opportunity I've been able to maintain for all this time.

Turns out, this company was right in my neighborhood and I had absolutely no idea. Sometimes, solutions are allot closer than you think but only present themselves when you make yourself more available to receive them.

  • Use our LetsConnect tool to add your contacts, share your profile, and empower your network to support you along your new job search journey Today!

Also, upload your resume and connect with me. I'm happy to share new job leads and hiring opportunities in your area that match your goals.

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