Nosey Job wanted me send a picture of my mom in the hospital

Okay, so for a couple of days now I’ve been having some person family things going on. My mom and two little brothers are in the hospital and lots of stuff has happened since last Saturday. I’ve been communicating with my job to keep them updated if I decided to stay with them.

Well today my boss asked what hospital are they at because he wanted to send flowers. At first I didn’t know the hospital right off the back of my hand. But I also told him because of how intense her condition is they won’t let bring anything into her room, we can’t even be in the room with her anymore.

So he asked again what hospital she is at. So I told him to hold on I will find out really quick, he wanted to send a card to the nurses station, I found out what hospital she was at and told him, I also told him I could take it up there to her but it was totally his choice.

He then says “you can be completely honest with me. I’m a smart guy, and a understanding guy so whatever the truth is I will understand.”

This made me feel like he didn’t believe me! So I kinda lashed at him. And he told me “I hope you find peace within yourself and may god have mercy on your soul.” Then he claims that he never said I was lying or thought I was lying but it’s like WHY SAY STUFF LIKE THIS if you believe me you know?

THEN another employee who works there whom I thought I was good friends with, I was telling them about what the boss said and she told me to send a picture of my mom in the hospital.

Like I’m sorry but I’m not a very public person, so I didn’t send one cause why should I? It’s ridiculous. Did I do something wrong here?

UPDATE : employer was provided documentation from hospital. WAS EVEN GIVEN A PHONE CALL BY THE DOCTOR, hospital claims this has happened to several of people and they are disappointed how employers are going about things now.

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