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Lea Casas
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So I started working 3 months ago at home and security where they do processing for illegals. The company's name is deployed services they have a contract with border patrol I'm a transgender woman and ever sin they started I I got noticed by my supervisor. A hard worker and I I got recommended to move Move up to be promoted. I had a phone interview. So I followed up and they said because I was not bilingual but on other shifts. They have 3 to 4 supervisors that are not bilingual. So then I applied again and still nothing I? Take it up with HR on March 15th was the last response. I got from hers telling me that she would look into it so then as of April 5th 2023. I got a call from HR which is from Arizona. I'm in California and I was put on leave because I got into an argument with another CO worker and they said they were investigating. I feel treated very Unfair I have asked for agreements and they've yet to reply. They will not give me an update on this investigation and since I mentioned that I wanted to seek out a attorney. That HR said they would not speak to me anymore at this point. I just feel just so discriminated I don't know what to do. I'm a good person. I'm a hard worker and I get along with everybody. I face the world every day? What being discriminated against and I can. Handle? That that's OK cause I have no control of other people's actions but at my work. It's i'm treated very unfair and I need help #Discrimination #Transgender #Laborlaws #Californiallaws #advice #termination

about 1 year ago
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