How to move on after an awful, toxic boss?

I'm looking for any advice on what to tell new employers when I'm moving on from a supervisor who wasn't happy with me. Here's my story: I have had 4 different jobs and usually had excellent annual reviews from past supervisors. However, my most recent supervisor was a nightmare. She didn't make expectations clear and I didn't receive proper training, but then my supervisor started micromanaging everything and nothing was ever good enough for her (she even went so far as to smack my hand one day and yell no! when she didn't approve of how I handled something), gossiping and spreading rumors about me to a couple co-workers of mine that she was close to, and gave me by far the worst performance review I have ever received (which was mostly lies, and I have evidence of emails, reports, prove it). Anyway, this job was literally making me ill. I was jittery, hardly eating, having panic attacks, and not sleeping. I ended up having to quit without having a new job lined up to prevent a complete nervous breakdown. question now is what do I tell new potential employers who might call my most recent job to confirm my work history? Do I specifically tell them to call other past supervisors instead, even though they aren't the most recent? Do I explain that my last supervisor and I had a personality conflict? Do I not mention anything and hope for the best? What would you guys do? I'm so ready to be done with this nightmare and move on to something new. Please help!

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