This health agencies gotta stop wasting our time

So, I passed on 3job offers, because this health care agency said to have the exact shift I wasn’t looking for, I have all the experience on the job, and as I told them, if I can’t do it, I won’t commit, so I need to know if you truly have the night or after 3pm shifts for me, “Oh we have plenty shifts for you, we could get you starting tomorrow”! Lies!! Reason why I left agencies years ago, it took more than a month on the hire process. Too good for a “tomorrow”... They messed up my drug test, and made me wait a week, before calling me to go in their office, just to tell me that, making me believe that I was going to my first orientation day. They said my DT was showing that I was on 3 drugs that I’ve never used in my life! But ok, the job was looking too good to let go of it, I went through their process again, finally got clear, it was their mistake, well, they use those cheap CVS boxes... Finally I spend a whole day, 7-5pm doing nothing but signing legal sht to protect their own interests, not “orientation”. I was told that I was going to have someone with me for at least 2hours whenever it was a new client, because they didn’t want the client to feel like starting again everyday, and to make it easier on me, LIES, and not only it was always a different client, who obviously had a 24hrs care, THEY DID NOT HAVE THE SHIFTS THEY PROMISED, gave me one only, and wanted to waste my whole week, with 3hours shifts... Oh did I tell you they offer me $15 per hour, and ended up with a $13? Forget about giving me a 2 client’s shift, without telling that it was actually 2 people to care for in that house, so today I just rejected their “another new client with 3hours”, if I had 12hrs shifts this week, why send me to different one with less hours next week? And here I was doing all the work that their “seniors” never do... Not complaining, always trying to help with shifts that I wasn’t able to do. Never again will I believe in another agency.

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