Confused about what to do

A few weeks ago, probably around a month or so ago, I was hired. However, I have not heard about when I am scheduled to come in or when I should start working. I think I was hired in September. I completed my background check and paperwork. I even went through training and got the uniforms for work a few weeks ago.

I've been trying to contact HR but I haven't had much luck. Should I drop by and ask? I'm afraid that I might come off as too clingy and then they won't want me to work there. I am also afraid that I ended up being a no show because they scheduled me for work but I didn't receive the schedule. This is a place I wanted to work at since I was a child. Should I just continue to wait?
#hired #joboffer #startdate

UPDATE: I got a schedule! Thanks for all the advice everyone. I really appreciate it.

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