A little lost

I worked at a major televison network in NYC for 16 years. The commute into midtown Manhattan from my apartment in NJ has gotten more and more difficult over the years as mass transit reliability gets worse and worse. The company laid me off 12/16/18 and I still have not found a job and my 8 weeks’ severance pay is almost gone. I have decided it is time to leave. I scoped out Knoxville TN in 2017 and went back afer the layoff, but without a job, I can’t buy a home nor can I even rent a home. Without a Knoxville address, no one will hire me. I had 3 phone interviews and no bites. I am leaving March 31st (my apartment already has a new renter lined up) and will be staying with a friend in Delaware with all of my belongings in storage and have given away or sold a lot of stuff since I decided I need to leave. She is the only person who not only would take in me but also my two cats. I never thought at 55 I’d be jobless and homeless, collecting $405 a week from NYS unemployment. I have had a job since I was 16 and never relied on anyone, with the exception of a two year stretch which folowed a different layoff. My ex husband supported me while I started my own business, then I got the 16 year job and we ended up divorcing (no kids.) I am actually a LOT lost.

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