Work from home scam

I received a text yesterday from someone who wrote that she was contacting me from Coventry Health Care and was I interested in working from home.? She said they got my resume from CAREER BUILDER. If I was interested I was to open hangouts and add the HR manager for an interview. So far sounded like it could happen. So I do so and have an interview
I am feeling suspicious however because the pay is too high, I need software to do the job, there were 3 jobs offered, which one did I want?. No instruction regarding a drug test or background search. His hangout address was gmail. Why not telephone? He said that they would send me all the docs. for hire and interviews me. Gets back in an hour and tells me I have the job. Here,s the hook. THEY WILL SEND ME A CHECK VIA FEDEX THAT I AM TO DEPOSIT AND PURCHASE THE NECESSARY SOFTWARE TO DO THE JOB
First he said to wait until the check clears but also says he wants me to get going ASAP. I agree to continue the conversation today at 9am. Meanwhile I call COVENTRY which is now Aetna and was told this gentleman is NOT an employee and that they never interview via email or IM, but that they MAY interview by phone. His initial message had the corporate logo
So this morning he IMs me and asks if I have ever heard of mobile banking. I am thinking that he is going to ask for my account information so they can transfer funds directly to my account. At this point I am out of patience and tell him I had just finished speaking to COVENTRY and he is not an employee of that company. Less than a minute later he is offline
I had a little more fun and texted to the person that sent me to him asking if Albert had told her that the Jig was up. She replied Talk to him. He's the HR manager. I answered No he isn't and neither of you work for Coventry. I'm not brilliant but there were enough gaps and errors that made me take time to investigate. An error on my part was choosing an option at CAREER BUILDER that let everyone view my resume instead of only employers that contract with them. In a way they were stupid. My resume clearly states experience in banking and finance.

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