So I finally got my dream job after 15 months of numerous applications, some interviews and so many denials. I actually went physically to over 20 offices in Houston on a particular day to seek for opportunities. But, was I idle during this time? NO! I got busy praying & PRAISING; applying, volunteering, doing some online training (free & paid for) and any part-time stuff that could help my mind stay on my target.
Well, at last God showed up and showed off for me. I got my dream job in the oil and gas industry. I was so surprised because I had done two previous interviews with this company without any follow-up. I almost got discouraged when I was contacted the third time but it all ended in praise. I love my company because I got all the necessary support all through the interview and now the onboarding process. I thought this day will never come but I was so wrong. Now, all I see around me are opportunities, growth and God’s awesome favor.

Word of advice – You can change your plans but never change your dreams. God will make everything fall in place at the best time (I mean GOD’S BEST time).Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.




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