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Magali Devalue
Bullet point

While I am happy to see inclusion for many groups one that is often ignored is the disabled group.. most company say they don’t discriminate and will accommodate but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I just lost my last job because the company refused to give me a proper chair and a remote day in the middle of the week. I was in so much pain and I kept on pushing and it landed me in the hospital twice during my probabtion period. I was fired the day after I was discharged from the hospital by email. It really wasn’t fair because I had been doing a great job while in the office nd I could have done just as well with a remote day in the middle of the week. It woukd have reduced my absences greatly. I had notes from doctors for each of my absences and request from the doctor asking for a specific chair and a remote day but instead the company decided to let a great employee grow after I reduced my aging by over 50% in only 3 months. I was furious and I’m sure plenty of sisablws people feel that way. We can do the job and sometimes better than non disabled . I think it’s really unfair. Am I destined to lose future positions every 2 months because the company will not make any effort to accommodate me?? #disabled #helpusretainourjibsbyaccomodatingus #accommodations fairness #giveusachance.

10 months ago
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