Don't ever give up...

I see a LOT of posts on here about folks being frustrated about not finding work after being out for several months. Well, try being out a whole year, sending out over 600 job applications, and getting numerous interviews/second interviews and then never hearing back if I got the position or not. On top of that, over 90% of the applications went into a black hole...never heard anything back. Believe me, it DOES wear you down and is frustrating. However, refuse to quit no matter how hard/frustrating it may be. Because it only takes 1...and that is what it took for me as I finally landed a position with a great company that I thought I would never get.

My words of advice...never give up; reach out to as many friends/colleagues to any company that you are interested in joining; do something for yourself that you hadn't had the chance to because you were always working (for me, that was hot yoga+running which helped me lose 26 pounds); volunteer for some community service; call that friend that you haven't spoken to in a while; and smile because one day your time will come and that right job will be yours!




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