is the Company "Contract Commerz SA " Legitimate or a scam?

I was recently offered this position with a Company called " Contract Commerz SA. it seems too good to be true so I figured I'd ask the community for their input. Thanks in advance for any help.

I am pleased to offer you the position of Regional Branch Purchasing Manager in Contract Commerz SA - US Branch. Please review the detailed description below:

Job Description

Company/Facility: CONTRACT COMMERZ US LLC Job Status: Full-Time / Part-Time
Location: Louisiana Job title: Purchasing Manager

Position Overview: This is a part/full-time professional position. You could start with part-time employment and continue into full-time, if you need the flexibility. This work-at-home position is responsible for generation of purchase orders using Company's money, compiling reports, preparing shipments, and other as designated administrative duties. Base salary will be $98,400.00 per year ($8,200.00 monthly) plus commission. Commission will be from 10% up to 15% of a purchase amount for every fulfilled assignment. Benefits includes Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, and Life Insurance.
Your main responsibilities include: communicating with vendors regarding products and prices, product availability, service, quality and other related issues; communicating with your Supervisor regarding vendor information as stated above; determining appropriate methods for product purchasing (from local stores/vendors or from online sites), if not previously designated by the Company; prepare and process purchase orders; prepare all designated reports; place orders on timely basis and insure on-time delivery.
You will responsible for the work designated by your personal Supervisor. You will not be required to relocate. There will be no long-distance trip requirements. Most of the work can be accomplished from home. Also, you will not be required to make any investment nor financial expense.
Desired Skills:
To succeed, you must be a self-motivated, well organized person and a skilled speaker. This position requires that you accomplish the assignments clearly and intelligibly within the defined terms and set priorities intelligently. The appropriate candidate will become an integral part of our Company's development. You will succeed if you can work remotely and efficiently and be able to efficiently plan short trips in your local area.
Probation Period Challenges:
During the probationary period, you will learn how to accomplish the assigned purchases on the Company behalf. You will also learn how to complete your entrusted duties accurately, properly, within stringent guidelines, and within agreed time frames. You will be required to act in accordance with the high standards of business process control as adopted by Contract Commerz SA in Switzerland. Training will be accomplished by requiring assignments to purchase goods available in stores that are not exclusive to the United States. However, challenges will be programmed in each assignment and will increase in difficulty. For example, you will be assigned purchases that require goods of limited quantity and purchases across several retailers to complete quantity requirements. Assignments can normally be completed in 1-2 hours, easily within your spare time. Also, when purchasing large oversized items, organization, delivery and reshipment efficiencies will be essential. Please find below the detailed description of a typical first assignment under the probationary period:

Step 1: You and your Supervisor determine all required items to purchase. This will include the assignment terms, total purchase amounts and their delivery terms and purchase locations.

Step 2: You will purchase the required items from the local or online retailers with the monies forwarded in advance to your account. All items will be defined as allowed for the export without restriction. The first assignment will require purchasing digital items such as Gift Cards from a large retailer in the US, e.g. Walmart. These gift cards will be used to purchase exclusive products and services in US for Asian and Eastern Europe customers. Our customers will save up to 200% on the cost of some products using these gift cards and our third party reshipping services. These savings are possible due to the different taxation systems and high import duties paid by official importers. Most US retailers such as BestBuy, Walmart, Target, Home Depot do not allow purchases using addresses outside of US and credit cards issued by foreign banks. The purchased items may differ and we will always forward the type and the quantity of items beforehand. We will always respect your views and input. We have a large workload and operate in many countries, if you are not able to purchase some of the items, we have many options and can always propose alternatives.

Step 3: You will send us scans and/or pictures of the purchased Gift cards by email. If the purchased items can’t be sent by email, then you will send those items by mail, and of course, all postage expenses will be paid by us.

Step 4: You will make a report regarding the completed assignment. The report form will be provided to you in advance.

Step 5: Move on to the next assignment.

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