Bryan Jeffers
12 months ago

I was Offered Two Jobs In the Same week and Turned down the Higher Paying One.

So I just took a leap of faith and moved from a small town to large city. The move was well needed. Anyways I applied to many places before I came up in hopes to have a job ready for me when I came. I had 3 interviews lined up for my first week, and all on the same day. I went to the 1st one and the interview seemed to went well. However as I watch the staff I would be working with no one had a smile and all look real unhappy. I then go to my next Interview the Interview went well because I was offered the job during the interview and I took it. The pay was fare. I than messaged the 3rd Interview to tell them I was offered a job somewhere else and I would not be coming for the interview and thanked them for taking the time to scaled a interview. Two days went by and the 1st interview contacts me and offer me the same job as the one I took but for $1/hour more than I was offered from the job I took. So after considering the offer and I decided to turn the higher paying job down. Solely based on the fact the staff all seemed nerviness and unhappy. I have been at the lower paying job for 1 week now and I Like the job and all the people I have meat working so far.

Do you think taking the lower paying job was a good Idea?

When my 30 day comes the manager will review my work and stuff and I know I am doing great everyone around has told me so. Should I ask for the $1/hour more and use the messages between me and the Higher paying manager as leverage to get the extra $1/hour from my current job?

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Ashley Wilson

Hi Bryan Jeffers in life sometimes you need to make the decision that is better for YOU and not for your wallet. If you are happier, more productive, and loving what you do you can always make more money but if you're miserable and making more money what good is that? As everyone says, you can't place a price tag on happiness. I think you did the right thing and I hope you continue to love the job and your co-workers there ; )