Why why why....

Headline sound familiar? Maybe you asked yourself this question over and over. Why did I get rejected? Why can’t I find a job? Why does this happen to me?

STOP! Instead of asking yourself why, ask yourself HOW? How can I improve my interview skills? How can I find a job? How does this happen to me? When you ask yourself this question, make sure it’s a calm,quiet, and organized environment. No distractions. This is when you will be totally true to yourself.

Now some may ask “Why” “How” What’s the difference? Why gives you any easier choice to make an excuse or simply loose hope. How will make you think about, everything that happened before the consequences. Think back to your Math teacher, they stood over you and your paper then they simply ask “How did you get that answer?” You sat there, explained the whole step process and learned from it. Same thing in life we ask ourselves how and we will eventually learn how to do great things. I’m going through it now, as a college graduate trying to find a job with my degree has almost seems impossible. But no is not in my vocabulary, How is.





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