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Ignacio Granados

Lead stewards

Hi! After some time wondering on the restaurants of Miami as a dishwasher, I finally got the dream job of any stress eater as me; I’m a lead steward at a great hotel company in Miami Beach, and the interesting part of it is that while I work for my own department (Stewarding), my job is to coordinate between banquet captains and cooks (mostly chefs). That’s mean my job is very stress full but addictive because that, or at least that’s what I like of it; maybe because I’m a very independent and executive person, and this job just fit with it. I love it any way, and there I have meet some wonderful persons, from simple team members to managers. Of course, there is son crap too, but the joy is more!


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That is so great to hear, Ignacio!!

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Sounds like a rags to riches success story in the making Ignaciot. That's Awesome! Dishwasher to lead Steward. How did you make it happen? Can you identify one determining behavior or action that helped you land that new job? Keep doing what you're doing and best of luck with the new job.