Thry said i quit

Hi my name is alex. I worked for a that makes airplane parts. I worked in shipping and receiving and was the driver. I been their 5 years now. There is 4 of us that worked in that department. Ok so this past friday Me and another employee had been getting into it all day. He lefted the forklift without gas like always and he finished the foam that we use to pack parts. So they don't move around. So I went to tell my supervisor the he had lefted the forklift without gas and he needs to change the 55 gallon drum. And puts his head down and continues to fill out his football picks.. and the guy in the office. So when I seen that supervisor ignores me I tell him that when was he going to put gas in the forklift and get a New drum of foam. Cause I needed to use the forklift and the foam to pack. He said he wasn't going to do it. That why him I told the last one using and finish the gas had to go out more for the next guy. So he said no that I was a crybaby so I go to shipping and start making boxes for my self to pack the next job. So finally he does it. And then he starts packing other jobs and then he graves boxes that I had made for me. So I asked him why are you grabbing the boxed I made to pack the next job and and he asked me if I was going to cry. I said no but that I didn't make those boxes so he could use them. And he started talking more crap the he was going to fuck up my car and fuck me up outside calling me all kinds of names. So I said screw this i don't need to take this abuse so I said I'm leaving. Told my supervisor that I was leaving cause he was talking to much crap. My supervisor says it's my fault. Because I told him not to grave my boxes. So I told him it was his job to calm him down and that he couldn't be talking to me like that. Told him he was a coward. He was scared of him. So he tell me to go tell HR that I'm leaving early. I told him it wasn't early it's 430 I get off at 3:30. So I let HR know that I'm leaving because that guy is talking to much crap disrespecting me that it was getting ugly and that my supervisor was not telling him nothing. So she went to talk to my supervisor came back and told me you could leave but that I was getting half a point for leaving early. I said how am I leaving early if it was almost 5 and I get off at 3:30.. their still work. I told her I can't work like that with someone talking shit about me and that I was trying to avoid a bigger problem with him . And why aren't they talking to the other guy. She said no. So I said I'll take half a point to avoid a fight. So I clock out and I was told to go in to work Monday 12/32/20 to do one job work 4hrs and that was it. So I went to work ID 24 parts and packed them by my self . So my supervisor comes and tells me to ID some other jobs I ask him why does he always do this he said what I said add more jobs when he had told me 1 job b 4 hrs. I told him I wad going outside to ckean and to finish my 4hrs he then asked if i was going to do it or not i said no. So then he tells me get the fuck out of here then so i said what he said get the fuck out. So i lefted. So then i get told by HR not to come to work until Thursday at 11. So i go on the lady starts asking me yes or no questions. Thst if i referred to victor as ediot.i said yes because that s the way my supervisor calls him.she were not here to discuss what other people say so I said what about all the shit victor said to me. She says again we're not here to discuss what other people they are not here to defend themselves so I said I wasn't here when you were talking to other people about what I said. So she said that I quit for leaving early two days in a row .I said .for trying to avoid a bigger problem and for my supervisor telling me to get the fuck out of here .




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