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Krystal Krause
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Doordash Driver at Doordash

... honestly I hate the fact that while working for doordash, the customers would choose to have the driver had the customer their order then they were able to report that their food was not dropped off since we didn't have the option to take a picture thru the app showing the drop of order. Us driver's had to jump through hoops to prove we are safe and honest and reliable but a customer can report their food not delivered so they can get another free meal from the restaurant and get their money back from doordash. Or doordash can just deactivate a top dasher's account for no reason at all, not giving a specific reason for the deactivation and when sticking to their deactivation they state their reason for the deactivation was for a completely different reason saying there was a contract violation when their wasn't. (Keep in mind I had a rating of 4.99 stars and a screenshot proving zero contract violations and my rating and proof of me being a top dasher but all that proof came up missing because doordash goes through your pictures and deletes anything they want)

over 1 year ago
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