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Rebecca Hedger

Tired ans scared

I am a full time employee but my manager keeps giving me thirty hours when i should be getting forty. She says its because i have kids than when i ask her why thats a problem she says that i would have more hours if i could work any hours. It just sounds like a bunch of bs from her. Also i am so afraid to quit get another job and fail. What should i do.


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A fellow Jobcaser

Keep your current job while you look for another

Patricia C Martinez

Hey there I understand how you feel I'm going through a case myself here in my case I was living in the state of Georgia for the past 5 years then we decided to come home here back to new York since then I have been out of work for the past 10 years but it does not mean that I do not have the skills and the understanding to perform the job but here things had really change but I feel scared as well