Hector Rodriquez

Well at my last job was working at a noodle factory working 4 years there in 2014 easy money everything was good till I ec to get a new job at farmer John stood there for 9 months till my work permit expired then they kicked me out story short I left this noodle job because I fek like I was being bullied by a supervisor and the boss they started to give me 2 days of work just because I didn’t want work Saturday and Sunday family is first to me I was try to stay there till I found a better job I just couldn’t take it no more being there made me feel like they can do whatever they ant with me so I left and this place s horrible it’s so dirty roaches everywhere bugs on the flour dead roaches in the product very unsafe that’s my story I felt like I was bullied and sometimes I thinkI should of sued them

2 months ago
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