2 months ago

Hi my name is Angelica Springer I'm a single mother who have been through some hard times these past years I have been out of work for quite some time llama just say about a year-and-a-half to two finances are getting low and there is no other means or source of income coming in my house out I have been struggling with my children bills and life in general with family Personnel emotional damage I have had my happy times I have my damn pants I have my smell and I have my tears but there is nothing that will ever stop me for from supporting my family so now I know it is time for me to get back out there and get to work even if it is retail sales associate cashier stocking or inventory whatever means is necessary to provide for my legacy so that they can do no matter how hard things get just don't never give give up keep your faith and you will make it in this world you can do anything you want to do even if you have to start from the bottom after being on top of so long sometimes it's great to start over New Beginnings but don't ever stop fight to the Finish Line I'm available for all positions I am open for hours I am looking for full-time real estate part-time I'm looking for a nice minimum wage paying job please no waitress contact me to my email or my phone number that is also linked to my resume that is testing my profile thank you have a great week

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