Health insurance

I started as a temp worker in 2016 and got hired on full time with the company that I was placed at in November 2017 I filled out the paperwork for insurance turned it in and when I never received my health insurance cards I asked my blue hat about it and he told me to ask the HR office about it I was told that they were waiting for me to turn it in I the female in charge that I gave it to that female so she went and asked her about my paperwork then comes back and tells me that I didn't give her any paperwork. So asked now what she tells me that I have to wait till next year to reapply for insurance. So filed taxes for 2018 and was told good news and bad news bad news I'm getting fined $675 for no health insurance. I called the labor division and told them what happened and I was told to talk to the IRS about it so I attempted to but couldn't get a hold of a human being since now a days you have to listen to an automated message. Any suggestions on what to do or who to talk to??

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