Jason Roberson
over 6 months ago

Are Your Goals Written Down?

If not you are doing yourself a disservice! Here are 3 reason to write your goals down TODAY.

More likely to succeed: According to a long term Harvard study on written goals; students with written and defined goals earn 10x as much money as the other 97 percent of the class COMBINED. WOW! (Forbes magazine)

Emotion Proof your days: When we are hit with a life blow or are just having a bad day, we can unknowingly panic and get off the true goal path. You may need to find a job before the next rent is due but today the stress is so heavy that instead of hitting your goal for applications submitted you start to look for quick money. Maybe you waste the day doing online surveys that never seem to pay you. At the end of the day your diversion from the goal path has taken you backwards. You lost focus on solutions and worked on short-term fixes. That means instead getting a new pipe under the sink you tape the leak. When we fall off the goal path just like a taped pipe the problem will come back in a worst state in the future.

When our goals are written we can refer to them and avoid the steps backward caused by emotional upheaval.

We know what to do at every moment! The incredible thing about goals is they provide us with a clear direction on action at every moment. We can at any time ask ourselves. “Will this get me closer or further from my goal?” From this point and magic question we can make the choice that empowers our life.

Action steps: Write down some goals that are based on what you desire and not so much based or just escaping the current situation. If you need work immediately set a goal that is passed you just getting a job and is more toward you having the resources you need already in hand. You are a powerful creator of life don’t sell yourself short when writing goals.

You Got This!

Lenin Pina

Excellent Strategy my Friend. Very generous of you to offer this important information. Thank you.

Ashley Wilson

Emotion Proof your days...WOW I love that!!! : )