What the hell did I get myself into?

Im currently at a hotel where the management is full of shit..the work load is anywhere from 16 (low) 22+ on a daily basis..They stress about the time given to complete rooms service and checkouts. The day typically starts anywhere from 8:45 depending on who opens and runs their mouth discussing Salt Scores and hotel topics. They want rooms completed by 3:30 -4:30 being the latest..However this is a computer generated ending time..There are so many factors that can and do occur that always occurs where we may not leave until 5:30 -6pm..The pay has not gone up but the work load has..The new hires come but once they see the boards they usually dont stay past the 3 day training. There have been several incidents that have occurred that have made me seek other employment opportunities because I have seen favoritism and unethical behavior (theft) from a supervisor and now they're investigating and questioning housekeepers because a guest got caught up in an infildility situation and blaming the housekeeper for his indiscripency and threatening to sue the hotel. Meanwhile I had an interview and got the job and looking forward to leaving..Should I give them 2 weeks notice?

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