Too old! What????

Hi...Im in a deal quandry.
I'm 61 yrs young and moved to NC 3 yrs ago to work with the military families. 4 months after arriving, I had an emergency leg amputation. Obviously it took a lot to heal, recover, learn to use my prosthetic leg and get on with life.
Well, I've been trying to get hirex since 2018. I know it's the age thing as all the applications ask for yr of HS graduation..omg. They don't even know about my leg. 57 apps later I was called for 4 interviews. 3 didn't hire due to hrs I can't work..I care solely for my disabled teen and can only work while she's in school. The one job with flexible hrs saw my leg and that was a no call back. The teaching jobs all told me I had too much experience and education..what?? I was told to dummy down my resume..I worked hard at my jobs and career in the mental health field and 8 yrs of college but no Masters degree which I need in my field.
No employment for 3 yrs so I'm tapped out..all loans are used up, savings, everything gone but Soc Sec and that's a joke...
I am completely fed up and tired of trying.
My specialty is case manager, counselor or instructor for developmentally delayed plus I was a nurse for 35 yrs. Any job with this type. Of client is over an hour away and local jobs are scarce and military gets first dibs...this is a military town with a Marine base in most of the county.
I'm sick as hell over this as I've never had a problem getting a job or paying my bills when I work. At 61 I shouldn't be at such a loss but I am and I worry about my teen who needs me to support and care for her.
I truly feel like giving up and I never felt this way about work Ever.

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