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Feel discouraged

Good morning guys!
I relocated in the United States few years ago. French is my first language but I quickly understood the importance of going back to school to better myself and provide for my family. I graduated recently with two certificates in business Administration and HR together with my Associate degree in Business Administration. I've been applying for descent jobs without any success. I'm kind of down as I don't know what else to do. I'm currently working as housekeeper at the hospital but it's not where I want to be! I truly think that I deserve better after all my hard work. I've been trying to find a better job within my organization but there is no room for advancement because it's all about who you know. Need your help please....


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A fellow Jobcaser

You're English is excellent. What is it specifically that you want to do? How long have you been looking and what kind of jobs are you looking for? I know this doesn't help immediately but maybe you need to take another 2 years and get your bachelors. You might consider doing an internship to get the experience a potential employer is looking for.

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It seems to me there's alot of well experienced People looking for work.

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Hello Garth
This is Naimatou. Thanks for you reply I understand what you are suggesting but I truly don't think it would be worthy right now! My husband is working on his master degree in project management and as housekeeper I'm making more than him some pay period! He still have to work those crappy jobs so what is the point to go deeper into debt? I will eventually go for my bachelor as soon as I find a decent job and will see that it will bring some more opportunities!

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I think it's great you got your degree.If anything did it make you feel good about yourself?I did that along time ago.

Jeffrey Carangi

If U have an AA degree in business, U will get sooner or later! I am unemployed & miserable. Having to revise my resume for specific jobs requirements. Difficult to do when the depression of unemployment keeps at you. I am an engineer and still unemployed!

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Hello Jefffrey
Thanks for your answer but truly it scare me to see that so many have degree without job! And that precisely why I don't feel like going for my bachelor and master right away as suggested by Garth. Why would I go into debt without any garantie that I could find a better pay job? Housekeeper with a bachelor? I don't think it's worth with right now

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From naimatou
Sorry Jeffrey I forgot to write my name in my previous post!

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Wow,I understand,you have to be in it to know.We will get thru it.Try and take this time.I know its,extemely hard but you look young you have a whole life ahead of you.Banks,are hiring?