In mention to my previous post...

The other day, I was pretty much freaking out about not having a job after searching for more than a month. I was afraid I'd wind up homeless after managing to escape an abusive relationship, and worried that I wasn't getting any call backs due to my inconsistent history while I was basically trapped, and wasn't always allowed a choice on what happened to me and my attempted careers.

Well, today was a good day, finally. I actually got several calls from jobs I'd applied to over a month ago. I wound up accepting one very close to my current home, and interview tomorrow. The hiring manager actually has a family friend history with a close friend of mine, and she sounded really positive about meeting me because of it. If for whatever reason I don't get it, I've even talked to a couple of other hiring managers that seemed to understand that someone else had gotten to me first, but if something changed, I got call back numbers to go ahead and schedule interviews with them.

I ultimately don't know what happened so suddenly, but I'm grateful. To everyone that sent positive vibes of any kind, I appreciate you all. Thank you all.




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