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Ashley Wilson
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4 months ago

Coca-Cola is looking for a production manager!

Are you a born leader? Well, good news! Coca-Cola

Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia is currently looking for a production manager!

Your schedule

9:30PM - 6:00AM, Sunday - Thursday

Position Duties

  • Deliver Results & Grow Business.
  • Execute 1yr and 3yr business plans supporting national/regional/local TPM objectives including the implementation of strategies, processes & programs.
  • Lead team to maximize productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Support operation to help reduce overall costs.
  • Proactive in providing feedback opportunities for team members and requesting feedback on his/her leadership
  • Import & Export Good Ideas that Drive Change
  • Sustain a consistent, long-term vision through continuous process improvement.

Experience required

-At least 1 year in supervisory roles of people & processes

  • At least 3 years in a manufacturing environment
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams showing improvement in plant KPIs.
  • Working knowledge of the principles of manufacturing management.
  • Working knowledge of specific supply chain capabilities, strategies and interdependencies.

Does this sound like the job for you?

Apply to the Coca-Cola role here.

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