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Crystal Evans

What should i do

I had an open interview at sheetz yesterday. I showed up 30 mins before it actually started and I joke and laugh and made the manager real happy and pleased with me. So the manager told me about the point scale for being tardy and told me which sheetz she wanted me to work at. Before the end of my interview she said she going push my application to next part of the interview. So my question is should I call them today?? Do I have the job????? Or keep looking a job????????


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Since you were just there yesterday, I wouldn't call today. Usually follow up 1 week after the interview. Though it would be good to send a thank you note to her. But I would definitely keep applying to other things in case this doesn't pan out.

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I am a hiring manager never call on the weekend. When she said she would push it through sounds like you have the job. Give them time to process everything. More than likely their Human Resources do not work on the weekend. But do keep looking. Always have a backup plan.

Lillian Sanchez

It is always great to keep a positive outlook on any all prospective jobs. What you can do is give them a call and thank them for considering you for the position. This will serve two purposes in your favor, 1st. It will keep your name on their minds along with the impression you left.
2nd It will tell your status. Although it sounds promising, until you receive that congratulation call, I would keep other options open and continue looking. I wish you the very best of luck in your employment endeavors