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Michael Carvalho
about 2 months ago

Job Experience

Often times when talking to new employees, I express how important it is to be yourself. Take Initiative to do better and be kind. It starts out with you and how you conduct yourself. I can speak for myself when doing my job. Each morning I prepare myself to do better, be better and learn something new each day. While working, I always try to look at the bright side of the things that happen throughout the day. We are all facing challenges in our life. When serving clients, I do my best to show them a great experience. In turn this leads to them being happy with the service I provide. Take time to help others. When you see a coworker struggling, do you offer help? A good leader is a person who puts the others on top. We are a team of employees who help one another. Build together and appreciate the results of a prductive day. And you can too! #inspiration

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