I lost my job July 2015 and being over 50 have not been able to find a job since. I’m pretty sure that I was blacklisted by my last employer. My question is this: why when a person is obviously at their lowest with very little money does the bank decide to raise the interest rate on my credit card and lower the credit limit? Even though I’ve never missed a payment or made a payment late Why does my car insurance feel the need to base my car insurance rate on my crummy credit score, thereby raising my monthly payments? And why did they change my policy from a 12 month policy to a 6 month policy, so that I will have to pay more? Even though I’ve never had a ticket or accident and had excellent credit all my life until now.
Is America now all about “kick’em while they’re down”? Because it sure feels that way. I am barely keeping my head above water. I am one step from being homeless. I have no savings left and I have cashed in my retirement and that is also gone. (Had to buy some food. You know how that is!) This world feels heartless and hopeless.

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