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It's Your Time "Believe and Achieve"
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I'm telling you the truth...

My professor, Dr. Mustafa told me to take his Statistics Class #Xyz, and you won't regret it. I paid attention to his words.

Listen, on an average weigh scale of metrics, a person will live their life with a higher measurement of DISBELIEF, versus a genuine BELIEF.

*Note - This is not anyone's fault because, they DON'T teach this methodology in school. I (learned this outside the normal curriculum of studies.)

Whichever weighs the most of the metrics scale of life (your mindset) determines what you're going to receive in life.

As illustrated below, put your positive thoughts on the scale of LIFE. Then, believe it and leave it there.

All you need is 0.001% belief in yourself and your life begins to change.

I Believe You Can...!

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3 months ago
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