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eva o 9 mth


Hi. I have a part time on call substitute teaching job. It is impossible to live on a monthly paycheck and no jobs available. I have a bachelor's degree in literature. I'm looking for an entry level stable job. I don't know what to do in my situation.


Mariah Bliss

Hi Eva: Have you considered looking for work with private schools? A lot of these places will hire teachers with just a bachelor's degree but no formal teaching degree.

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Schools, public, private and charter, require a state license in subject area. This requires a Masters degree in most states. Not their regulations, but the states. My only advise, to change your current situation, is to get the Masters and State certification in education. Not the schools issue but a state requirement before someone is made permanent. Just so advice from a union rep who supports teachers. No way around this. BTW! Most private schools ask for the same. Parochial schools used to have looser restrictions. Think things have changed now. Good luck.

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I am also a certified teacher looking for a job. I was forced to retire early with 27 years experience. Only 3 years away from full retirement. Can I just say that my retirement check absolutely sucks? Nobody could live off of what I am paid. I made more as a Para Professional than I am paid now. I was a classroom teacher for 22 years before becoming a K para pro. I am sick over my retirement pay! I have also applied to be a sub. I turned my application in today. However, I am still looking for a teaching job. It makes me feel better that someone else is in the same situation. Thank you for posting this. I pray that you and I can have success in finding a decent job. I wish you nothing but the best of luck!!!

David Reinke

Have you looked at the NAIS web site?
For many schools experience is even more important than a graduate degree or a teaching certificate (although having all three is a definite plus).
Some schools will assist with relocation and there are some boarding schools that will offer on-campus housing (often in the dorm with accompanying dorm supervision duties) though most schools will expect you to hazard the costs of relocation, housing, etc.

You have nothing to lose by checking out the web site and it might provide you with a lead or two...
Good Luck!

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I hope you get long term sub jobs at the least! I'm in one in my district & they pay more if you work over 19 days. Will keep you in prayer! I'm searching too! I have a B.A. In Liberal Studies w/ Child Development concentration.

Courtney Schafer

Just a thought,

Have you thought about other industries that need strong teachers/trainers for that industry. Money is better, and easier than masters and state certification.
Not sure what city you are in , but my office has referrals in many cities in Texas.

Tina Kitras

Qualifications for Paras are less restrictive. You would be able to work and go to school if you chose. Prior experience would be considered in regard to the type of para work you would do. Paras with degrees typically are paid more. It may work as a stop gap measure until you can find something else.

Virginia Yazbeck

Hi. You received good advice from what I read so far. You didn't mention how old you are or what your family situation is. Usually it is hard to relocate if a whole family has to relocate. I taught for 32 years and I made mistakes and I did some smart things along the way. Big mistake #1 is to consider some alternatives to be either too hard or impossible. If you are young, you can go to the moon and back while making a 10 course meal. You just don't know it. Like the Rene Magrite painting of the guy on a bridge looking out over a beautiful body of water, longing to be in the city on the other side, just looking and wishing. In the painting, he has power and ability. Magrite puts 2 symbols in the painting that suggest that to me. There is a lion, just at rest, not engaged with the man. And the man has wings! But he seems not to know. Maybe the lion is also courage. So muster up your ability, power and courage and do what you have to do with your own education, whether certificate or Master's degree or moving into an other field or relocating.
My #1 smartest tactic in substituting that I ever did was to get myself ready in the morning in anticipation of the call to substitute. When the call came, I was out the door because I was already washed up, dressed , coffeed and breakfasted. What if the call didn't come in ? Who cares? I was all ready for a good day. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be there on time. Your middle name will be dependable. No one wants a superstar that they aren't sure will show up when needed.
I wish you all best. No, it won't be easy.

Jane Smith

I'd like to help. I don't know if this will let me give you my website or not, but let's try. janesmithteaches (dot) com I created my own tutoring business in LA because I didn't have licensure to teach in CA but had teaching experience out of state. If you can reach me, at least I can give you encouragement. janesmithteaches at gmail

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Hope trump helps with this problem,I think they should have night shift high schools,to ensure that everyone can graduate,if they missed day of school,they could got to night shift for schooling,this would create teaching jobs

Trisha Lavery

Have you tried CPS (Chicago Public Schools) they are always looking for subs... even Special ED department

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Hello, do you like to travel if so then is a company called Ciox Health and they do charts retrievals and other things maybe you should look at their website to see if there is anything that interests you.
Good Look in your search

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Apply at WTS for a job

Douglas Berman

Hi Eva
The best advice I can give is talking with Private Schools or Catholic School that are or maybe looking for a part time teacher that would eventually lead to a full time position.

Wally Barr

Ever thought of tutoring? Online learning and tutoring would provide you with some income. I could set you up with a web site and the tools needed free of charge. You can go to and set it up for free as well.

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First, register with every school system that will have you. I am registered with 5 systems, and I am turning down work all the time. Whoever offers me the job for that day gets me, and the further in advance they reserve me, the better. I am as committed to them as they are to me. If they want me for a month in advance, then I reserve the day and that's where I teach. If these systems use Aesop, get on Aesop- which is a website that books substitute teachers-I rarely go a day without work. Also- call them- they sometimes will give you the assignment if you call them. The problem? I have a teaching license and a master's degree, but I am over 50, so even though I have interviewed, I have never been made an offer. I earned my license in January of 2013 and I have never been offered a full-time job. I finished my HR degree during the first year of my subbing, so I have an HR degree and a teacher's degree, and STILL no offers. My side job- writing resumes and cover letters. If you can write, register with and take some freelance work. Also try for other writing work. Good luck!

Joseph Ferber

Try to get another part-time job to make your paycheck more whole. Or do some kind of consulting work to make an extra income - it could be ANYTHING as long as it's legal. If you have any entrepreneurial desires, NOW is the time to put them into existence!

Joseph Ferber

Get another part-time job to earn a bigger income or if you've ever had entrepreneurial desires, then now is the time to explore them!

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wow, sounds like you've applied to all the public schools in your might look at colleges?? then or even private can get paid for tutoring. I don't know if there are places like the sylvan learning centers there, or schools for handicapped......if your wanting to stay in your field.