Loretta " NIKKI" Griffin

I would advise anyone and everyone to stay far away from working at Walmart. I always heard stories myself and still took the job offer from them therefore leaving the other Company I was working for and it bit me in the butt hard as hell let me tell you I was harrassed, all the older employees tried to intimidate me and run me off I was approached by 3 other females one shift like they were trying to jump me so I advised them I would not argue inside because I needed my job well then they done petty crap leaving me alone with lines of customers. I was the only person whom didn't call in hardly and always worked over and call ins but they done me and another woman dirty dirty and not only was it bad loosing my job in the beginning of covid but I'm now fighting unemployment again after 3 months because Walmart lies again after they arrested me after I had been off 6 days they entrapped me there as if I was being moved to new position and hauled me in cuffs out slandered our names in local news paper and now deny it after the fact we went to court and I won against the city and against Walmart for the sorry crap they put us through and having the whole town watch us ESCORTED out in cuffs just ridiculous and no person should ever have to go through this as I did. #frustrated

almost 2 years ago
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