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Phil Blankenship
Bullet point
Senior Technician Service Lead Supervisor at Kastle Systems International

As an employer myself, I will "Pre-Qualify" a new prospective employee. I have over 40 years in my trade and I can tell within the first 15 minutes of an interview if he/she is qualified. #1>When you walk into your interview, DON'T BE COCKY. Be confident about the position you applied for. #2>Don't Hustle yourself onto a new employer. As for myself? I'll pick that up in a heartbeat and make this interview short. #3>Answer all questions as accurate as you can and, please, don't ramble. #4> if you pickup on your future employer's common interest along with you? You had better know and experience this and not "Ad-Lib" just to soften him/her up thinking you're a definite hire. #4> This is where experience comes in, WATCH OUT FOR INTERVIEW MAN TRAPS! This is where employers want to find out how honest you are and if you are full of %$#@. I've done it myself when giving an interview. In all, just be yourself and be truthful. Good luck....Phil(DOC)

12 months ago
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