Interview Mock Training that I disagree with

I come from the days where honesty is the best policy . If you left a job and were asked why you left by a prospective new employer you simply shared the truth whether the work place lacked resolving management issues that may have failed to complete a duty that would have made a company run more smoothly , or something illegal a person may have witnessed that lead to them turning in a resignation , in my past that was how we communicated. But today .... coaches teach us to shhh never ever tell the truth always pretend you were ever so happy working at this low pay unprofessional facility and to say NOTHING about the negatives . I ask myself why ?

Clearly if you don't last 6 weeks and the environment is unprofessional any employer should not think oh the same will be had with us if I hire this person. Not so ! A person who came to you values their knowledge and the employer should share how management approaches situations and set a persons mind at ease telling them to bring any suggestions to them if they see something that needs improvement. Employees are not modern day slaves taught to keep their mouths shut and work for a paycheck. I interviewed over the phone with a medical group who wanted to know what an employer might say to her should she call them. I told her they wont give that kind of a reference they will only verify dates of employment that I have a list of training from them documented successful completion of each area trained as completed and succeeded.

If anyone was out of work for a length of time it should be ok to say I got injured and was out of the loop in recovery and chose a new area now in the same profession because of restrictions . All of these why questions should always be answered honestly . Employers know if they want to hire you within 10 minutes into an in person interview and know if they want to meet you within 5 minutes of phone interview questions. I really dislike having to create some sort of persona for an employer where I cannot be myself .

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