Looking for a job has never been harder

Gosh guys, we post our resume online and it goes to many databases but who is reviewing them is a mystery and when you get an email saying that some company is interested and you click that icon and it goes to some other websites and it is like the infinity loop. There has to be a better system that is more effecient and get better results. It has been a very challenging and sometimes frustrating experience. I have a Business ADmin Degree from Ashford university which was recent in nov of 2017 and graduated with honors too. I have experience but unable to get propoer interviews in my field of study and experience. I have no rational idea why as to the way this process is going on. We have so many jobs being posted in Cali but who is filling them up. I tried some consulting agencies, temp ones and they only take laborers and clerical base level jobs. Please suggest me something and I will sure appreciate your response and inputs. Unless you are called for an interview, how can one impress them?

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