Nichol Miller
2 months ago

Walmart money order scam

There should be a special place in h*** for the people that do these check scams. Especially right now when so many people are suffering and worrying about where their next meal is going to come from or how they're going to keep them roof over the heads of their families. This is the 2nd time I've been roped in by something like this and I'm starting to get very upset and feel stupid and gullible. Thid particular instance is a mystery shopper for Walmart where they send you a check mine was in the amount of $2620. The instructions in the letter that came with the check on the surface seem pretty straightforward. I was to evaluate the customer service desk of Walmart by using the money less my commission payment of $500 to evaluate the process by which buying money orders was done at Walmart. After the last time with being asked to cash a check and forward on the cash caused me a lot of headaches and heartache i definitely heard warning Bells in my head, but continued reading just in case this was a little different. And it is a little different rather than sending cash obviously they want me to get money orders which is completely legal mailing cash like this other company wanted is not. Also calmer the current situation says to deposit the check not cash the check like the previous. What really set my spidey sense a tingling was that they wanted the money orders left blank That seems fishy to me. Besides obviously trying to pass on a bad check and leave someone else on the hook for it, I am wondering what other motivations there might be to do stuff like this period my husband who has been watching Ozark lately quickly came up with its's drug money they're wanting you to launder it. Thoughts?? #scams #walmart #checkscam #secretshopper #gbdsdurvry #businessevaluationservices

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