At one point in my career at walmart, I had many opportunities to help a lot of individuals at all different levels of management as well as subordinates. One of the most memorable times was at the Santee Walmart. I had the task of managing the garden department as well as training new associates. I had a new associate that was a very fast learner. She lacked confidence in herself, but I helped instill and motivate her to do her best and be an example of new procedures that would make the workload for all in the garden department successful. I showed her the steps to have all associates do there part to set up the department for success. Opening associates to work all inbound merchandise from the day previous since overnights was not completing the task. Mid shift taking care of customers and daily tasks, and the closing shift taking care of the reopening for the next day. This encouraged all associates to work together as a team and it also inspired the entire team to be accountable for each other even in my absence. This associate(Vanessa) later transferred to another state and became the associate coordinator in charge of hiring new associates. She later contacted me and told me, thank you for believing in me and giving her the path she was on to better herself as well as others. It is a story she still shares today at her store in Virginia with her new onboarding associates.

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