Today I put in my two weeks notice.

So I work at Publix and this is my second time now. I've been back since this February. When I was rehired the management was completely different from the last. I loved my old managers and they were always so caring and when I needed help they were there and praised me for my hard work. But with the new management I work even harder than I ever have... But instead of praise for when I do my job right and on time, I get bullied and heavily criticized for my work. I'm going under the old training because I was not trained at all this time. And to top it off, most of the staff are not properly trained either so I feel the need to come back behind them and fix their errors so that they don't get into trouble. I'm the youngest guy in my department and everyone is much older than me. Most of everyone are retirees looking for a little extra money or just for something to do it of the house. But since I'm the young guy they make me do all of the janitorial work (cleaning restrooms, mopping, taking out the trash) when none of that is in my job description. I'm a front service clerk meaning that I am to bag a customers groceries and carry them out for them. I also put things back on the shelf and take cold items back so they are not damaged out. I could go on a lot more for everything they make me do and then find different ways to bully me but it's just not worth it. Me and my mother both put in our two weeks notice today because we couldn't stand then doing me this way anymore. So for future reference, if you want to work at Publix; don't apply for anything in front service unless it is a location that hires janitors. My location does not hire janitors so we have the people who clean restrooms handing your groceries afterwards. This is cross contamination and I'm very aware that it violates health code.

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