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Reanell Thomas

Any suggestions.

I just got hired and I work crazy hours. I'm on my feet all day and when I get home they are killing me. What can I do to calm the nerves in my feet so they won't hurt so bad.


William Agnew

Hi Reanell,
Dr. Scholls shoe insoles. They are awesome!

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Soaking them will help

Amy Michelle

Sketchers w/ memory foam! Also, get 2 pairs and rotate them daily! You'll get longer wear out of them by a few months. I'm a nurse and I work 12.5 hour shifts, being on my feet about 75-80% of the time. Before I started my job as a (new) nurse, I did transport and I walked 12-15 miles/day. Those shoes helped a lot!

Tammy Mcrae

Calcium your bones are out of water in your feet and legs take calcium and drink plenty of water and watch it feel much better

Terence Mc Donald

Calcium will harder your arteries and make problem worse.

Terence Mc Donald

But yes. Lots of water important. Keeps body hydrated and flushes unwanted toxins like acid in your blood. Also known as Gout.

Terence Mc Donald

Take vitamin C before you go to bed. Vitamins C reduces inflammation. You will see the pain much less as each day goes by

Terence Mc Donald

Yes. It DOES work and works well. I was a welder and a machinist. So I was on my feet 8-10 hours a day. Could barely walk getting home afterwards. My Doctor suggested vitamins C because I'm a true believer in natural healing. Try it. But be consistent.

Mike Quick

Soak them in warm Epson salt water. Before and after work

Linakia Hubbard

by some scechers with the soft insoles in there they work wonders

James Norman Jr.

My Dr. Told me elevating them will also help this allows the gravitationally accumulated fluids the gather in your feet to be moved around and helps lessen any inflamation.

Russell Johnson

Nice pair of sneaker and a foot rubber

Darryl Young

Work smart with a good pase and try not to think to hard with complaints

Tasha Golz

Soak them in rubbing alcohol.

Jamie Allen

Stay hydrated, stretch ur legs and arms before work and on lunch..keep a frozen bottle of water and when you get home roll it under ur feet.