I think a GREAT work culture is one that

I had been working in public health since 1990 . My work worked in coordination with public health programs inside the area as a city or group of cities. The Public Health Department had several types of health care centers. The biggest is a hospital then it's Cesamo (health care center with physicians) and Cesar ( health care with only nurses). The organization maintains a volunteer community, once a month they go to the closest health care department to give information about diseases (emerging and endemic in the community) in their community. As well as about babies that were born, or died, malnourished children, sanitary information (water, water disposal, air pollution, animal control). As a coordinator I had the opportunity to participate in the first investigation of Chagas disease (endemic in some areaz), leptosipirosis, cholera, mumps, dengue, and several others diseases found in the communities.
Besides as doctor at the hospital, I had the chance to work with maternity mortality, infection nosocomia, and pediatric cancer. As the coordinator I had the opportunity to take part in the inaugural ceremony of a clinic for integral care of patients with VIH/AIDS which was funded by Fund Global which helped with antiretrovirals treatment, health education, and infraestrutral founds.
A few years ago the department of health start a new organization with international funds ( BID and others ) they help self administration in cities of groups to increase care for the children and women. They also create a delivery room that takes in women and refers the ones that had complications during labor. I could see an improvement in the way they treated their patients (pregnant woman and children before 2 years.)
I have a lot more to talk about my work there. If you interested, please let me know.

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