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Ian Boutelle
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Site Supervisor at Securitas Security Services

Respect! Showing your people that you are willing to support them and work along side them has been my approach.Don’t take things personally! #inspirational

almost 3 years ago
Angela Hulse
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Call Center Supervisor For Credit Debit Also Student Loans at Pscu

What makes a good supervisor? Well, first off, you are a leader. You are leading a team. A team of individuals, learning to be adaptable to those individuals is key. Multitasking, this is another key to being a good leader. As a team leader you need to be able to relate to your team and others around you. Most often in leadership roles, you will find yourself leading more than just your team alone. Knowing the roles of your team. It’s imperative to learn each and every single role of your team plus the roles of their teammates that might NOT be directly with your team. This will not only show your dedication but what better person to come to, someone who can actually help and understand what is needed. Ownership and restatement. I learned and adapted to this philosophy as is helps to closed ended answers. Most importantly, lead you team from behind, not in front. As leaders we are here to pick up those who either fall behind, scared, or who might have an extra question or two, the scared and nervous sit in the back, while the cocky and confident sit upfront and center. Your team is only going to as good as your weakest link, so leaders, lead from the back! As a Supervisor we have already led or mastered that role, so time to TEACH others the way! Also, got to have patience, patience is a true virtue! With patience also comes success. Lead by example! Praise more than point. At the end of everyday, there is always tomorrow. Most importantly, treat everyone just as you deserve to be treated, respect, patience and knowledge.