Conversations and expectations

I say change the conversation, it's all mental which becomes emotional. When you come on this site or any other to complain, it's not improving the situation and believe it or not, you are setting the pace for the next job search/ interview. Understanding the fact that just because a person is interviewing Does not mean they'd know a skilled valuable asset from a damn duck crossing the road. Too many expectations walk into that job search and interview. And when those expectations are not met, folks start laying into what could have gone wrong and why won't they hire me.

It's easier to to discuss the positive aspects, gettin an interview is almost like winning the lottery. Just because an interview is given, in no way stipulates that the company has to hire said individual. Same goes for for being older and more seasoned. These companies do not owe anything to those they interview.

If people could practice changing their conversation they would change up their narrative as well. When people look at any open position as I know I'm more than qualified, and I've had several interviews they should be calling with a job offer, etc., it comes across as entitlement, loaded with a ginormous side of expectations. And it's easy to walk into an interview full of feeling entitled, and if you think the interviewer can't sense and see that you're wrong. Change your conversation and lose the expectations, there are plenty of jobs to be had by those who are willing. Never give up!

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