Trying not to give up

Been to 4 or 5 interviews in the past 2 months ( you might think it’s a lot) and always the same answer: your qualifications are impressive but we chose another candidate. What does it even mean? I applied for jobs where I’m way overqualified...
Now the worst was when I received a call back from a very good company that I would like to work for, offering me the position with all the benefits and a starting date. The person confirmed everything with me and stated that I would receive an email to go to sign the paperwork, get my badge, do necessary was almost a month ago and still nothing. Starting date is supposed to be next week. I have calling him, leaving messages, nothing in return and when I finally got hold of him about 20 days ago, he informed me that the position is on hold. You just imagine my reaction.I was able to get him today and now he is saying that the person who is in charge of it will be back until 07/12. Really people???? So I told him that the starting date of 07/15 will not be possible and he said that he will see if someone else can get an update ASAP. I am so disappointed because they made me believe that I had the job and now I am back to square 0 because someone is not doing their job. I don’t know what else to do especially that no one emails you back or calls you back to show interest in you. I miss so much applying in person as I used to do before.

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