Debra Walker
9 months ago

Never say never

When I drove tour bus I had a group of bankers going to a Oakland A's game I went out to my bus to start it up and make sure that it was ready to go by the time the game ended when I went to start the bus it wouldn't start I called my dispatcher he said what do you want me to do your in Oakland I'm in Sacramento so I called another bus company in Oakland they couldn't get anybody out there to me and couldn't get the bus to start when they did show up I had a little bit of time to get this done but not a lot of money in my pocket the only other place I could get another bus my dispatcher said was from the transbay terminal in downtown San Francisco so I jumped on BART went to the transbay terminal grabbed another bus I was listening to the game on the radio as I was going across the bay bridge it was the 7th inning stretch of course it's bumper to bumper traffic by the time I got there the game was over at traffic was coming out of the coliseum instead of going in but I kind of believe my way in to get to my passengers but so that my passengers weren't worried when they got to the bus and there was no driver I had let the security guard for the parking lot know what was going on so he notified my passengers that I was on my way there and what the situation was and to please be patient as it turned out they were absolutely happy with me gave me a $100 tip wrote a letter to my boss saying how I was very very good at letting them feel comfortable that I had the situation handled they said they weren't worried at any time that they were going to be stranded because I notified them through the security guard and I let them know what was going on through the security guard that I got the bus and was on my way back and made me feel quite good especially the fact that they let my boss know that I didn't give up even though I had tried different avenues to you take care of a broken down bus and the trip was a success.

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Roger Dickman

That sounds very stressful, Congrats for pulling it off Debra!