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I work for a company that I love the owner and upper management but the co workers are so hard to work with. For instance I have an assistant who is supposed to book appointments for me. He is supposed to be cold calling and instead he plays on his phone cleans his douche flute, glasses, desk catch him cleaning the coffee maker for 45 minutes. You ask him a question and he gives me a 3 page novel on what he's doing. Why he's doing it and he plays the victim role. Then he also loves to interject his opinion on everything. Asks when could he possibly be promoted to my position (it took me a lot of hard work and in his position for years) Also the culture of our company is to be extremely rude to everyone not help anyone just watch them sink or swim. I am not used to this because I care a lot about customer service also care for people in general. I don't know I feel like I love the product I sell but we have so many tech issues and even though it's a great software. Upper management will not take enough risks to put us in growth mode. My question is would you move on to another company or stick out this new position a little longer to get a little more experience? I finally in a good position at work and feel good about what I am learning. I'm afraid of I jump ship to soon the experience I have gained will be null and void.

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