Fed up

I have been with my current employer going on 20 years. I have a new co worker that was hired for more money per hour than existing employees including me. I told my management that my yearly raise better be more than the new employees but it is not. I am getting .63 an hour more with annual raise and I am making under 15.00 an hour to start with. New employee is making 15.50. Shes been here about one month I am on year 20. I have been denied on going training and job advancement opportunities all these years to save a receptionist position although a few months ago finally got my job title changed to administrative assistant. I do far more than answer phones and the phones are my most disliked part of this dead end job I am trapped in. I have no other employment options. I cannot get interviews when I apply outside the company and I am pretty certain this is due to my age. Age discrimination also reason I am overlooked for promotions at current job. I work hard, follow the rules but do not get the reward of higher pay or promotions but I am supposed to keep a positive attitude at work. I do my best telling myself I can get through 8 hours of a job I am burnt out on and dislike. We just found out about our joke of a raise yesterday. Some of my co workers got .39 cents an hour more. Way to appreciate the staff that often works understaffed, heavy work load, and get berated by angry customers because not enough staff and they have to wait, mistakes are made because of job stress. I have developed a stress ulcer from this job and several coworkers pop ibuprofen daily to deal with headaches. I intend to send a detailed complaint in a email to HR questioning the company policy in paying a new hire more than a senior employee. I also intend to file a complaint against the company with the state or will that do me any good seeing as Oregon has the at will rule meaning employees can leave or be fired at will? I am working on taking early retirement next year. It is the only option I see that I have left. My aging parents need my help more now and if I get fired for voicing my opinion well the company would be doing me a favor. The job is affecting my health. Is there any agency I can report my employer to for the way they treat staff? They are burning us all out being shortstaffed all the time plus under paid and over worked. We are not supposed to make mistakes ever. We are to be perfect. A division manager actually told our management team this one time. Coming from a out of touch division manager that does not work with high volume of customers in person and on the phone is ridiculous. I often wonder what upper management actually does to contribute to the company. They need to be working alongside their staff instead hiding behind closed doors in offices far from where the work is going on. My one coworker said the company does things backwards. She is right. I am looking for advice on how to handle this situation while I still have to work there. I am a single income household person caught between a rock and a hard place, as are we all that work there. There has to be a better way to earn a living. Life is too short for this other nonsense.




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