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Elizabeth Garth
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Strategist Consultant Owner at Garth Consulting Llc

Temple native, graduate of THS, recently relocated from Austin, quality reputation and typically contacted on referrals, exceed sales goals. I attended The University of North Texas & transferred 84 hours to University of Houston (moved per engagement)Received M.A. Political Science, B.A in Political Science, Communications & Social Anthropology. Completed 160 of 180 hours in Real Estate (neurosurgery which brought memory loss, but returned fully at 7 months (past real estate completion date) Proud Mommy of 27 year old twin daughters...reside in Austin. Youngest daughter is 23, resides in Belton. Enriching tasked in many areas. Positive "people person" , well-known in area. Highly personable, loyal,professional,resilient effective rapport, outgoing, not easily deterred. #remoteworker #Political #ProfessionalEditorials, #Houston/Austin #Accountable #Nofear #LoveSales

almost 3 years ago
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