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Losing my mind :(

What to do when your store coach chooses to ignore you? I tried to resolve the issue of opening managers always being late (sometimes an hour) with her because I am losing money and she just got hostile and loud. Basically refusing to converse just yell at me. Now it's just getting even more awkward because she won't speak to me and she's my boss!! Help. . .


Virginia Rawls

Wow, that is really mature of her.....Is there someone higher up you can talk to about this?

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Hr department

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Ask her why she is not talking to you and tell her that u would maybe like to work more hours

Michelle Marshall

Wow sounds exactly like the job i just about awkward ..i was always dammed if i did or dammed if i didnt ..i was a gsl and she was my gm..and she refused to talk to me first we was.good friends then an ex employee said i said something that got taken way out of context n she believed it in her way making my life n job there miserable ..tried talking to corprate but long story short i was to either mend fences with her or loose the 2 1/2 years i put in not a very good brown noser (never really had to ) but i gave it my all and for nothing the end and after.all my efforts the hateful despicable gm won . My advice is dont waste your time there becuase from what ive seen in all my years once your relationship goes sour with the gm its all bad for you.

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Gosh! You're 100% right! Just trying to stay positive until I find something better. Thanks for your advice :)

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Hr... Call it